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Aeromexico Cancellation Policy

Aeromexico is ultra-low-cost carrier airlines for Mexico City and it provides flexible services and rules to their passengers. Aeromexico has been the favorites of many of the passengers when it comes to going across destinations. There have been many situations where passengers want to cancel their ticket. One important aspect which passengers should be well versed with when it comes to cancelling the ticket is the cancellation policy of the airlines. Simply go through the instructions and don’t hesitate to contact us in case you are facing any kind of doubts or have queries with regards to the same. Due to any reason, if you are going to cancel your booking ticket of Aeromexico so before starting the cancellation procedure, you have to read the Aeromexico refund policy as well as cancellation policy in details, Passengers are allowed canceled their booked flight tickets up to 2 hours before from the scheduled departure and if travelers don’t want to pay cancellation charges to get full information to follow the below-given instructions:

So just cancel your flight before 24 hours from the scheduled departure of the flight:

  • According to the Aeromexico cancellation policy, the cancellation fee will vary from various major factors such as class, distance, date, or other.
  • Important points of Aeromexico cancellation policy before cancel ticket:
  • On the duration of the cancellation, passengers don’t apply any promotional code or offer.
  • After cancellation of a booked ticket, passengers have to right book another ticket with the same account.
  • The cancellation of the reservation is only acceptable by the official online website, API, and authorized travel agent.
  • if any passenger is troubling for the cancellation of reservation and wants to know about the cancellation process so just connect with the airline representative for better assistance.
  • Aeromexico cancellation policy Due to delay bad weather and illness:
  • If any passenger is suffering any disease and not feeling well so the Aeromexico will give the relaxation on the cancellation charges.
  • Aeromexico provides the primary medical facility to the passengers for the emergency case.
  • Due to any relative death, the passenger is not able for the travel so they can get a full refund amount without any cancellation charges but the traveler has to submit the death certificate of the relative or relevant document.
  • If a flight is delayed more than 3 hours, so Aeromaxico will provide the food voucher for relaxation but this applies only to some specific Aeromexico flights.
  • I booked ticket has cancelled due to the bad weather, airline industry, and air traffic so you will not get any cancellation charges.

Therefore, passengers can easily cancel their reservation and get full refund but they have to follow Aeromexico cancellation policy with proper manner.

Aeromexico 24-hour cancellation policy

This policy states that passengers who have booked a refundable ticket and is cancelling their ticket within 24 hours of booking can expect 100% of the refund amount. Passengers will only have to bear transaction charges in such cases from their pocket. Once the ticket has been cancelled then the amount would be refunded onto the original mode of payment or through which the transaction has been made. However, this policy only applies for basic and value fares and does not apply for group fares.

Aeromexico Cancellation Fees:

  • There would be standard cancellation fees of USD 200 that would be applied for passengers who are cancelling their tickets after 24 hours of booking.
  • It totally depends upon the kind of cancellation that passengers would receive their refund in the form of credit voucher or in the deposit account.
  • In case passengers are receiving a credit voucher then same should be used within 365 days of cancellation.
  • The flight cancellation fee is not applicable for flights across specific destinations such as Mexico, Puerto Rico, US, and the Caribbean.
  • In case the death has happened due to unforeseen circumstances or the immediate family member then in that case the cancellation fees in Aeromexico airlines would not applicable.

Procedure for cancellation of Aeromexico airlines

Now that the passengers are well versed with the cancellation fees and cancellation policy, the next thing which the passengers would want to be well versed with is the procedure for cancellation. This tutorial will offer an exclusive guide for the same.

Online procedure:

Step 1: In the Aeromexico travel portal or the portal from where the booking has been made, login to the account with your desire credentials.

Step 2: Once logged then then navigate to the Bookings section which would be available in Manage my Booking section.

Step 3: Choose the ticket and the passengers for whom you would like to cancel the ticket and then confirm the same by clicking on the Cancel button.

Step 4: Once done then the amount that would be refunded would be displayed onto the screen and the same would be refunded in the form of credits or in cash in the original mode of payment or through which the transaction has been made.

Offline procedure:

The other way through which passengers can quickly and efficiently cancel their flight tickets is through airport ticket counters or through the third-party agents. Passengers can cancel their tickets through third party agents only when they have booked the tickets through them. They can simply dial the number and ask for the kind of assistance that they are looking at in order to get the cancellation done in an effective manner without any hassles or second thought. For getting the cancellation done at the airport counters, passengers will need to visit the Aeromexico ticket counter and provide the details of their ticket in order to get the cancellation done in an effective manner without any hassles or second thought.

Aeromexico refund policy for instant refund amount

If you have canceled your booking ticket and you are eligible for the refund amount so you have to follow the full procedure of the Aeromexico refund policy. To get full details about it,

Just see the below-presented rules or regulations for the refund amount:

  • To get an immediate refund, travelers have to submit the refund request after the cancellation of the reservation.
  • The refund request form is available only on the official website of Aeromexico.
  • If any passenger doesn’t submit the refund request form within 4 to 7 days from the cancellation so Aeromaxico can refuse their refund amount anytime.
  • If passengers are getting an issue to fill refund request form or submission so they can take the assistance of the travel representative without wasting much more time.
  • According to the Aeromexico refund policy, the refund amount will credit within 7 to 10 working days and also it will depend on the payment mode.
  • If you cancel your booked reservation through an authorized travel agent so the refund amount will credit between 15 to 20 business days.
  • If travelers canceled an award ticket so that would be non-refundable any conditions.

Aeromexico also provides a non-refundable ticket facility where passengers can book another ticket and just pay the difference amount from the first booking. To get more information about the non-refundable ticket, just connect the airline specialist without any delay.

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