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How to Change Spirit Flight

Spirit airlines in the recent times, there has been a lot of changes in policies. It is necessary that passengers are well versed with the same. This tutorial will guide the passengers with the complete set of guidelines and policies that is currently in effect with regards to Spirit airlines flight.

So read the same in an effective manner and then be certain enough that your issue is going to get resolved:

  • One of the best practices which passengers should follow when changing the flight is that they should do the same within 24 hours of booking. In such cases there wouldn’t be any charges that would be levied.
  • At times there would be some unforeseen situation like death in the family then in that case too passengers can make changes in their flight reservation.
  • In case Spirit airlines has rescheduled the flight then in that case, passengers will not have any to pay any fees in case they are rescheduling the flight.
  • It is advisable that passengers when booking and making the payment then the same should be done through credit card. In that case it is efficient to change the date of flight.

Change your flight with Spirit Airlines

Now that the passengers have got the basic understanding and norms and policies to change the flight, so let us now try to understand the different ways through which passengers can quickly and efficiently change the flight with Spirit Airlines.

How to change flight with Spirit airlines?

When it comes to changing the flight, then there are two basic ways through which passengers can quickly and efficiently get their task done. One is through the online way and the other is through offline way. Let us understand each of the ways in a detailed way.

Online way to change Spirit airlines flight:

Step 1: Visit the Spirit airlines travel portal or the portal through which the passengers have made the booking in Spirit airlines flight.

Step 2: Once done then quickly login to the same by entering the legit credentials of the account.

Step 3: Once logged in then Manage my Booking section is what the passengers will need to navigate into where the list of available flights where the bookings has been made would be displayed onto the screen.

Step 4: Passengers can choose the flight which they would want to manage the booking or reschedule the flight tickets.

Step 5: Once chosen then check in case the tickets are available for that particular date and in case it is available then passengers can choose the rescheduled date.

Step 6: Once chosen then pay the difference in amount in case any and in case not then simply change the same to the newly specified date and then click on Done.

Step 7: Once the passengers have chosen the same then date of travel has been changed to the new date.

Step 8: Passengers are now free to travel on the newly chosen date and have a fun filed travel.

Offline to change Spirit airlines flight tickets

There would be many of the passengers who may have booked their ticket through the other channel which could be some agents. In such cases it is the agent that would assist the passengers in getting the change done in Spirit airlines. All the passengers simply need to do is dial the toll-free phone number and then one of the agents would receive the customers call. Passengers can quote their PNR number and the date of reschedule. Upon quoting the same, guide would be offered to the passengers to change the date of travel in Spirit airlines.

When changing the flight on the same day

There would be many of the passengers who may be willing to change their flight on the day of travel. In case you are one such passenger who wish to do the same then this section of the tutorial can be an effective guide for the same. In case you are one passenger who is willing to change the flight on the same day then that can quickly be done but passengers need to ensure that the same is being done 2-3 hours prior to departure of the flight. But in any case, if passengers have checked-in to the flight then they would not be allowed to change or reschedule the booking of Spirit airlines.

Change fees in Spirit airlines

There would be many of the passengers who may be curious to know about change fees in Spirit airlines. In case you are one such passenger who is curious to know about the same then this tutorial will offer you guide for the same. So simply follow the instructions and guidelines and be certain enough that your issue is going to get resolved without any hassles or second thought.

  • There would not be any change fees that would be levied in case passengers are changing the date of travel 24 hours prior to departure of flight.
  • Change fee would be levied in case the passengers are cancelling the ticket after 24 hours of booking.
  • In case passengers have booked a refundable ticket then passengers can even apply for refund in case they are cancelling the ticket.

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