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How to Change Aeromexico Flight

Aeromexico name says it all! It is a leading airline of Mexico. Covers various routes and provides a class service to its customers. People with mishappenings and some unavoidable situations tend to cancel their reservations. We all know how heartbreaking it is to reschedule or cancel your planned tour. But because of big issues passengers do cancel their tickets. Before cancellation customers should always go through the Aeromexico Airlines change policy to be aware of the process. Aeromexico Airlines do provide change in flight. You can confidently change your destination and date accordingly. For which you may even end up paying some fee after 24 hours of booking.

What is a 24 hour policy?

Well in a 24 hour policy customers can change or cancel their reservation free of charge. Time starts for this policy as soon as you make the booking till the next 24 hours. That means in one day time, changes can be made regardless of class and destination.

A customer can change its flights under certain rules which we want to put light to:

  • When you have booked your Aeromexico flight directly through its official website, app or Aeromexico travel stores.
  • Bookings purchased with travel agencies are not applicable to make changes.
  • Amount you paid for your flight should be in USD, using a debit or credit card, USTP
  • Booking made with cash, PayPal or other ways are not accepted to change their flight.
  • Booking with more than seven members cannot be changed.
  • Booking unaccompanied minor tickets cannot be changed.
  • Bookings with pets are not applicable.
  • Bookings with infant seats are not applicable for changes.
  • Multi destination flights cannot be approved of making changes.
  • A flight is not applicable to change after issuing a boarding pass before the flight.

Same day flight change can be possible if a customer is able to change it an hour before the flight but long route flights are not allowed to make changes. New flights provided must be on the same route and same airport. It’s just the time and date you can make changes to.

Now the question comes how to make changes to Aeromexico flights? How to contact them?

There are several methods to make changes to Aeromexico flights.

Please follow the steps given below to make changes to your Aeromexico flight through the website.

  • Go to ‘manage your trip’.
  • Further fill the required information i.e. you’re ‘booking code and last name’.
  • Now click on ‘customize’ and then select the option ‘change your flight’
  • Here you can modify your reservation. Choose the option you wish to make changes to.
  • Enter your desired new date and destination.
  • Select from the list given and click ‘confirm’.
  • And pay the difference of fare or fee.

Please note if a customer wants to change a domestic destination ticket to an international destination then he/ she has to contact Aeromexico customer care or Aeromexico travel store. Website will show errors to such changes. Another way is calling Aeromexico Airlines. You can call their toll free number for your queries. Please contact 1-800-237-6639 You can find other countries' contact numbers as well  from their official website. You can get in touch with Aeromexico by live chat. Here professional assistance can be taken to gather all the knowledge regarding your issues and take actions as per your need. You can even visit travel stores to make changes to your Aeromexico flight.

What is Policy terms when a customer changes its Aeromexico flight?

  • If changes are from your side you can change your itinerary or flight as per your required destination, you need to pay if there’s any difference in fare.
  • You can request for the refund which you will receive in the form of, you made payment at the booking.
  • You can convert your refund as an EMD (electronic voucher) which is valid till 1 year from the date of issue.

What are policy terms when change in flight is from Aeromexico Airways?

At the time of booking another flight, No charges will be applied for the date change. Not even a fare difference will be charged for another destination. It covers 14 days of grace period for new flight bookings not to be charged. Refund can be taken as an electronic voucher EMD. You can even ask for a refund which you will receive within 12 months through the same payment method which you used at the time of making the booking. Fees. Availing flight changes can cost you a penalty fee.

A change in flight in Aeromexico airways:

  • Can cost you around $ 200 for domestic
  • And up to $ 400 for international travel.
  • This penalty fee is per head.
  • No fee if changes fall in 24 hour policy.
  • No fees for basic fares
  • No fees for flexible or primer fares.
  • Classic fare and AM + fares are chargeable up to $ 300.

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