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How to Change American Airlines Flight

American Airlines is one of the largest airlines in the world and provides excellent flight service to more than 350 destinations in 50 countries. Therefore, American Airlines Booking process is so easy, one can easily make a reservation to their destination. American Airlines if in case you are not happy with your current booking date then we would be happy to tell you that American airlines offers that privilege to the passenger through which they can quickly and efficiently change the date of travel. In most of the cases such changes are done free of cost. But that is totally subjected to availability of the ticket.

Here are mentioned different ways that will aid you in change the flight on American Airlines easily:

  • You can call at American Airlines Booking Phone Number, anytime 24 hours and instantly connect with a team of reservation department. After making a call and connect with a representative over the phone, will help to change your reservation promptly. You will have to a few change fees for a new flight, as flight scheduled departure ought to be in between one to 12 hours of the time whenever you call.
  • Another way is to change your American Airlines Booking, if you are already at the airport, by using a self-service kiosk. You will need to swipe a credit card or personal testimony, for example, your passport, to begin the kiosk and find your reservation. Follow the on-screen instructions to change to another flight if one is accessible. You will need to pay a change fee via credit card directly at the kiosk. Then print a new boarding pass from the machine.
  • You can speak with any American Airlines representative at an airport counter if you are already at the airport. The representative will give you a list of options for available flights to your destination leaving within the next 12 hours. Book the flight, you will need to pay a change fee directly to the representative and then get a new boarding pass.

How to Change American Airlines Booking

Seeing to get an answer for “How to change American Airlines Booking?" Then don’t fear about it! Sometimes, it happens that travel plans don’t always go as intended, and you need to change the airline booking. So, if have booked a flight ticket on American Airlines and due to sudden change in your plan, you need to change the flight tickets. Then you can do it. Therefore, the American airlines offer various options to change flight booking and then re-booking your itinerary. But, another flight should for the same source & destination, and flight change could be confirmed within 24 hours of departure of the chosen flight. You can flight change by going to the official website at “”, and at the airport of the self-service kiosk, or ticket counter easily, and call reservations department.

Are you keen to know about the new change policy of American Airlines?

In case you are keen to know about the same then go through the tips as mentioned below to quickly and efficiently get the task done.

  • In general, American airlines do not charge anything for changing the date of travel. It could be domestic or any international flights.
  • Passengers can change the date of travel via the online way from the travel portal from where they have made the booking.
  • In case the booking has been made in a basic economy flight then passengers cannot change the date of travel for the same. In such cases passengers are not allowed for any upgrades, priority boarding or any such special privilege.
  • In case the passengers are changing the flight on the same day of travel then there would be some penalty that would be levied which would be in the range of USD 75-150.
  • Also, the policy varies from country to country and also the type of ticket which the passengers have made the booking.

How to change the date of travel in American Airlines online?

There are basically multiple ways to change the date of travel in American airlines. One is through the online way and the other is through the offline way. This section of the tutorial will help you to change the date of travel through the online way. Follow simple steps as mentioned below to quickly change the date of travel and in case you are not being able to get the same then don’t hesitate to contact us as we would be assisting you to get the same done in a quick and efficient way.

Steps to quickly and efficiently change the date of travel in American airlines:

Step 1: Logon to the American airlines’ portal or to the portal from where you have made the booking in American airlines.

Step 2: Once you have landed onto the page then navigate to Manage my Booking section and then subsequently to the Bookings section.

Step 3: In the bookings section, passengers will find the list of tickets that is available across the destination.

Step 4: Open the ticket which you wish to proceed to change the date of travel and click on the change button.

Step 5: Passengers will now see the options available onto the screen in which they can click on the Change button.

Step 6: Passengers can choose the date which they wish to travel and then subsequently confirm the same.

Step 7: Once the same has been done the automatically new date of travel with ticket would be displayed onto the screen.

Offline way to change the date of travel of American Airlines

There would be many of the passengers who may have booked their travel ticket through some third-party agents. In case you are one such passenger who have done the same then this section of the tutorial will offer you all the necessary guidance for the same. In case you have made the booking in American airlines through third party agents then all you need to do is connect with the agent through the toll-free service. For getting the contact number move to the contact us section. Apart from toll free service passengers can also use the chat service or mail support to connect with the agents. Once connected then passengers can freely discuss about the query that they have with the change of date of travel. Upon confirmation the agents will find the best way out to change the date of travel and execute the same in an efficient way.

What if you change the date of travel on the same day as departure?

If your flight is getting departed on the same day of travel then there are some change fees that would be levied. The change fees vary from USD 75-150 with some basic exceptions into it. This also depends upon the nature of the ticket that the passengers have booked. The only exceptions include passengers are booking the changed flight in American airlines, departure is on the same day as original flight, and also have the same number of stops at the airports as the original flight. For more info with regards to the same, contact us at any point of time and we would be happy assisting with more info and resolving your query in one go without any hassles or second thought.

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