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How to Change Delta Air lines Flight

Your plans may change with the current scenario or with the current COVID situation. Delta airlines offers the privilege to its dedicated passengers to change the flight to a new date. This tutorial is a complete guide for the same. In this tutorial we will guide you with the complete process to change the date of the flight and everything else you need to know with regards to change policy. In case you are not being able to follow something in this tutorial then please feel free to contact us at any point of time. We are available all through the day and all through the year to offer the best of assistance and resolving the queries in one go without any hassles or second thought.

Delta airlines flight change policy

It is recommended that passengers go through this set of policy in an effective manner as this set of new policy comes into play after Aug 9, 2020. In case you have purchased tickets from main cabin and the destination of the flight is North America then there would be no change fees that would be levied. But that is only applicable across some category of seats like first class, main cabin, delta premium select, Delta One, and Delta Comfort ++.

  • The change fees would be applicable for passengers who have booked their tickets outside of North America. The only exception in such cases would be for basic economy flight tickets where there would be no change fees.
  • In case you are eligible for reschedule of your flight ticket then the same would be applied or allowed to make changes in time, date and location prior to departure of the flight.
  • In case you are changing your flight on the same day as departure of the flight then the same day change policy applies in which passengers will not have to pay anything for changing the date.
  • In case you have purchased a basic economy ticket then one can only change within 24 hours of booking. As after that there would not be any change policy that would be levied.
  • The number of stops should be same as the current ticket in which the booking has been made and also the departure and arrival location should be same. The flight in which the passenger is changing the ticket should be same i.e Delta airlines.

How to change Delta airlines flight ticket?

Once the passengers are well versed with the change policy that is linked with Delta airlines. The next thing which they should be well versed with is the process to do the same. There is basically two different ways through which passengers can change the date or reschedule the Delta airlines flight tickets. One is through the official website or travel portal and the other is the offline way of changing the date of travel. We will go through each of the ways and understand as to which mode suits the best in order to change Delta airlines flight ticket.

Online procedure to change Delta airlines flight ticket:

Step 1: Delta airlines portal is what you will need to visit in with your login credentials or the portal from where the Delta airlines ticket has been booked.

Step 2: Once you have done then from under the Manage my Booking section, passengers will need to click on Booking tab.

Step 3: Now from the booking tab, open or click the ticket which you would want to change or reschedule.

Step 4: Once the same has been opened then click on Reschedule button which will then allow the passengers to choose the date in which they are looking to reschedule.

Step 5: Once chosen then move to the next page which will then display the amount that needs to be paid for change in case any.

Step 6: Passengers can pay the same and then confirm the reschedule process to a new date. The new ticket will now come onto the passengers’ email or phone number depending upon whatever suits the best.

How to change reservations Date on Delta ticket

  • Open the official website of Delta.
  • Find out the My Trips icon and click on it.
  • The Manage Booking page will open.
  • Enter three things – Confirmation Number, First Name, and Last name.
  • Then you need to click on the red arrow icon.
  • You will now get the chance of managing your reservation.
  • Change anything your reservation and follow the on-screen instructions.

Offline process to reschedule flight ticket with Delta airlines

The other way through which passengers can reschedule flight ticket with Delta airlines is through the offline way. Through the offline way passengers will need to consult the agents from where they have made the bookings. For doing the same, passengers will need to dial the toll-free number and once the agents receive the call then they can ask for the date that they are looking to reschedule. Once chosen then passengers can pay any difference in amount and complete the reschedule process with Delta airlines. The passengers can now get their ticket in their desire phone number or email. Apart from this passenger can also visit the ticket counter to get there reschedule done. They can simply ask the agent sitting there to get the reschedule done in an effective manner. They will do the same and share the details onto the registered phone number and email address.

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