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How To Change Westjet Flight

WestJet Airlines was initially a low-cost airline that stood as an alternative for airlines that could burn your pockets, but today things have changed. It is one of the most preferred airlines among the various airlines operating in the commercial aviation industry. Their exceptional services and highly flexible rules have brought them their new passengers and retained them for a longer period of time. If your plans are uncertain and you do not know what is next, and then no airline is better than this airline, they do not even come close. Every support by this airline is always without any hassles and you can always stay assured about that.

WestJet Flight Change Policy

This airline has a simple method for flight changing requirements. You just need to follow some simple steps and you get the desired results. After the Covid-19 pandemic, the flight change policy of this leading airline has become nothing but more simple for the passengers. Every airline tried to make flight change policy have fewer hurdles while this airline went from fewer hurdles to a hassle-free experience.

It does not matter if you booked via an agent or grabbed a couple of tickets in an airport if you have booked flight tickets for this airline. For flight changing the best way to do it is to prefer their official website. The WestJet flight change policy of this airline is crafted by keeping an eye on the liberty of flight change for the passengers. This airline always ensures a smooth process for changing the flight. You just need to make sure that you follow the mandatory 24-hour rule if you are looking for perks like free cancellation of your booking. This rule should be there in your mind if you also want any changes in your flight. If you want to understand the flight change policy of this airline and gain more information, then follow this guide.

WestJet Change Fee Policy

You can change the date, time, flight, and meal also, as a passenger you get liberty for all of these changes from the air authority. You do not need to worry if your single change can happen or not. If you want any changes then keep in mind the 24-hour rule. This 24-hour policy is important to avoid WestJet flight change to be paid for the changes you require. If you do changes within 24 hours then you will get changes and cancellations done for free, irrespective of the type of ticket you have booked.

If you are changing the flight dates then the change can be done for free, but you need to pay for the difference in fare. If the date you choose after cancelling your booked date, has a higher fare, then you pay. If the fare of your current ticket is higher than the fare of the ticket you are looking for, then this airline will pay the difference to you, without any hassles.

WestJet Flight Changes Online

If you are opting for any change then online is the best way for this leading airline. It can be done in the blink of your eyes. You just need to follow some simple steps to do it.

The steps are as follows:

  • Visit
  • Input the relevant details.
  • Then you can find the "Manage Trips" option.
  • Give the details regarding your flight booking so that all the details can be fetched.
  • After you select the flight, you can click on the corresponding button and you can easily make any desired changes you want.
  • Pay some fees depending upon the timing and your type of ticket.

WestJet Cancelation Policy: You can cancel the ticket without any hurdle. This airline is quite supportive and has flexible rules. If you cancel your flight booking within 24-hour then you will get a full refund. You can get guidance and support from the customer care executives of this airline by calling them on the official helpline number.

WestJet Change Travel Dates: As a passenger, it is always easy to change your travel dates when you have booked your flight via this airline. You can always visit the official website of this airline and do it. If you have booked the flight ticket via any third party or an agent then you can choose to go directly via them too.

WestJet Change Name on Ticket

You can choose to change the name on your ticket if you have booked a WestJet reservation till 2 hours before the scheduled departure of the flight. If you have booked a basic ticket then you cannot avail this facility but for other tickets, you can easily opt to change. There is a certain fee you need to pay for changing the name.

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