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LOT Polish Airlines Flight Cancellation Policy

If you need to cancel Lott Polish Airlines flight, you can do it, because airline has provided you several ways to cancel LOT Polish Airlines flight. You can cancel the journey for any reason whether you are ill, do not want to travel, you have an emergency or anything unavoidable - you will have the facility to cancel your ticket. If you need to avoid the cancellation fee the airline offers all passengers a time to avoid paying the LOT Polish Airlines cancellation fee.

LOT Polish Cancellation Policy

  • If you need to cancel your LOT Polish Airlines ticket you can easily do so . According to the LOT Polish Airlines ticket cancellation rules, a passenger can cancel the reservation within the first 24 hours after the ticket is purchased and will not have to pay any fees. If you made just one mistake while making your reservation and now you want to rebook properly then you need to cancel LOT Polish Airlines ticket and book again with applicable cancellation fee. However, if the ticket is canceled within a day (24 hours), you will not have to pay any cancellation charges for the same. If you exceed this deadline, you will have to pay the airline's applicable cancellation fee.
  • You must note that the cancellation fee is based on various factors such as the fare type purchased by the passenger, number of tickets opted for cancellation, origin of the flight, destination of the flight, time of your cancellation, time of cancellation, etc. The duration and departure, the subject of your cancellation, and the number of tickets you have chosen to cancel, etc. You will have to pay a cancellation fee considering all of these.

How much does LOT Polish Airlines cancellation charge for?

You can find out how much cancellation charges LOT Polish by reading the points listed below:

  • If you have to cancel a flight, you will have to pay a cancellation fee between $200 - $500 by LOT Polish Airlines.
  • If you have any further questions regarding flight cancellations with the airline and need advice from a knowledgeable person, you may contact LOT Polish Airlines customer service.

Lot Polish Refund Policy

  • In accordance with the ticket cancellation policy of LOT Polish Airlines, the refund will apply to the unused portion of the ticket. Add to that, other refund policies include –
  • In case of a canceled flight, you will need to fill up a form to claim your refund. After processing your application, the airline will process your refund within 14 days from the date of the request.
  • Except for 24-hour cancellations, refunds will only be provided as future travel credit.
  • If you have canceled your ticket within 24 hours, you can claim a full refund in the form of cash.

How to cancel a flight on LOT?

The flight cancellation procedure is given below:

  • First of all you have to go to the official lot Polish website.
  • You have to go to the homepage and then find the Manage Booking section and then click on it.
  • Enter the required details like your booking context and last name, then click on the Next button.
  • You will see your flight details on the following page.
  • You have to navigate to the cancel button on the flight you want to cancel.
  • Then at last click on it and give
  • Confirmation. Now you will receive the confirmation mail on the cancellation related mail id

You have the following procedure to request your refund by filling in your refund form. However, a passenger should be aware of whether they are eligible for refund or not. As per The lot Airlines 24-hour cancellation policy, any passenger is entitled to a full refund. If you have booked a non-refundable flight, you will be provided with a refund in the travel credit only.

Use the value of your ticket as a voucher

In case the lot passenger wishes to cancel his booking, he can get the refund in the voucher. Travel vouchers can be redeemed on further bookings made with multiple Polish airlines. If you have canceled the flight voucher is valid for one year after the date of issue.

You can also reschedule your trip to another date.

The passenger is allowed to reschedule his flight for another date within one year. And all this is free for you to make changes according to the policy of LOT Polish Airlines. All you need to do is visit the passenger official website, you can rebook within a year, or you can also contact the customer care team of the airline and request them to rebook the flight.

Change your itinerary:

Changing the route another option which can be availed by the passengers in lieu of canceled tickets. If you do not have the option of changing the route, then you can do this process through the official website. To change your travel route, search for the ticket form and fill it. And you can also contact the customer service team of airlines to do this process they will help you.

If you are unable to cancel a lot Polish flight online.

If you cannot cancel your flight using the method provided, you reach the LOT Polish Airlines official phone number. Customers may speak directly with an executive at 1 (212) 789-0970. Carefully follow the IVR options as per your concern and the reason for cancellation of your ticket.

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