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What is Ryanair airline's cancellation policy

Travel plans are highly volatile and since every airline has different cancellation policies, cancelling a flight is not so easy. But when it comes to cancelling a Ryanair flight ticket, then this airline is quite different. Ryanair deeply understands its passengers’ concerns related to flight cancellations hence it offers maximum flexibility and convenience whenever the passenger wishes to cancel his travel plans.

So, if you have also purchased a Ryanair flight ticket and planning to cancel your reservation, then don’t skip the following important points:

  • You cannot cancel your Ryanair flight ticket voluntarily. You can only change the date, time and destination of your flight but cannot cancel the entire booking or even a part of the booking via any mode.
  • Since Ryanair's flight cannot be cancelled, you cannot expect a refund from the airlines. But if your flight is cancelled by the airlines due to uncontrollable factors then passengers with refundable fares will get refund preference over non-refundable ticket holders. Hence, it is always suggested to purchase refundable fares because these fares provide refund security against non-refundable fares. But this does not mean that non-refundable tickets will not get compensated for involuntary cancellations. Holders of non-refundable fares can change their flight anytime without paying any change fee, but a refund on non-refundable tickets will be provided only in case of passenger bereavement.
  • Any changes in the flight booking can be done up to 2.5 hours before the scheduled departure, but if the changes are made as per Ryanair's 24-hour change policy then no change fee will be applicable.

What is Ryanair's flight change policy?

Ryanair's flight change policy is based on a 24-hour window frame which states that the passenger can easily change the date, destination, time, seats and fare type of your flight within 24 hours of booking and no change fee will be charged for the same. However, Ryanair will charge a change fee, if you make any changes in your booking after the 24-hour window frame and the change fee may vary as per the flight route and cabin.

What is the Ryanair flight change fee?

  • Ryanair does not charge any fee if the flight is changed within 24 hours of booking.
  • Ryanair will also charge nothing if the flight gets cancelled from the airline’s side due to uncontrollable factors.
  • However, after 24 hours, a nominal fee of $50-$150 may be charged from the passenger as a flight change fee.

What is Ryanair's refund policy?

  • Since Ryanair does not permit flight cancellations except in case of death of a passenger, refunds are provided only in special circumstances like in case of death of a close relative or family member or when the flight gets cancelled due to factors that are outside the control of airlines.
  •  In case of the death of a family member, the airline will first make full efforts to change the date of your flight but still, if you no longer wish to travel, then you can request the refund by providing the death certificate and other relevant medical documents to the airlines.
  • And if the flight gets cancelled due to situations that are out of the airline’s control, the airline will provide a full refund for the cancelled flight.

What is the Ryanair flight cancellation/change process?

You can change your Ryanair flight booking online or offline at your convenience. For making changes in your flight offline, dial Ryanair airline's toll-free number and be ready with a pen, paper and all your necessary travel documents. Then follow the IVR options and request the representative to make changes once the call gets connected. You can also make changes in your flight up to 2.5 hours before the flight departure at the airport kiosk.

Steps to change Ryanair flight online:

  • Start by launching on your browser or open the Ryanair app on your mobile.
  • Then visit the My Bookings tab located near the top right corner of the home page.
  • Here, you will have two options. If you are already registered on, then you can choose to log in to your account and then view your booking.
  • But if you are not a registered member, then you can view your booking directly by providing your reservation number and email address.
  • Thereafter, just select the flight you want to change, re-book the flight, pay the change fee if applicable and your new booking is ready!

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