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Sun Country Airlines Cancellation Policy

If you have planned to cancel your booked ticket so before cancellation of the reservation, you should read the Sun Country Airlines refund Policy as well as the cancellation policy carefully because it will provide you external support to book tickets frequently as well as it helps with the refund amount. Just see the below given important points:

Travelers are allowed to cancel their booked tickets within 2 hours from the scheduled departure of the flight.

If passengers want to get a full refund so they have to cancel their flight within 24 hours from the departure of flight time.

The cancellation fee is not the same for every booked ticket rather than it will depend on the route, distance, class, or other important factors.

Important points of Sun Country Airlines Cancellation Policy:

After confirmation of cancellation, passengers have to right book another ticket with the same account.

On the duration of cancellation, passengers can’t apply any promo code or offers.

The cancellation of reservation is only applicable via the official website of Sun Country and authorized travel agents.

Under the Sun Country Airlines Cancellation Policy, If any passenger wants to cancel a non-refundable ticket so it is possible by Sun Country airlines and you just pay the extra fare difference from the previous ticket and you will get a ticket easily. Get more information about the take the assistance via an airline executive.

On the duration of cancel booked ticket, if passengers are troubling so contact with a customer representative and you will get proper assistance.

Sun Country Cancellation Policy due to illness & Traffic delay:

Sun Country provides the primary medical treatment in case of emergency so passengers can get instant retirement.

If any traveler is suffering any complicated disease and he is not feeling on the duration of the journey so Sun Country airlines give to cancel the reservation at any time and booked another day ticket without any charges but the passenger has to submit the relevant and important document to the concerned department.

In case of any relative deaths, passengers can leave the flight any time and Sun Country Airlines will provide your relaxation in the best possible way.

If the sun country airlines canceled tickets due to any emergency such as bad weather, traffic delay, and other reason so according to the Sun Country Airlines Cancellation Policy passengers can go for re-booking and book tickets for the same route without any changes.

Also, if the flight is a delay due to any reason, the airlines will give you the voucher for meals and it might be a room booking voucher but this is applicable only some premium flights of Sun Country Airlines.

Sun Country Airlines Refund Policy

The refund amount will credit after 7 to 10 business days if the ticket was refundable.

If you have canceled the reservation through any travel agent so the refund amount will credit 15 to 20 working days and also it will depend on the payment mode.

The refund amount will reach on the same bank account number which was used on the duration of the booking.

If you have canceled an award ticket so that would not refundable.

According to the Sun Country Airlines Refund Policy, to get an instant refund amount, you have to submit the refund request form.

the passengers can submit a refund request form at the official website of Sun Country Airlines.

If any travelers don’t submit their refund request after 72 hours from the cancellation of booking so Sun Country Airlines can cancel their refund amount anytime.

Any traveler is facing any issue to submit their refund request so they can take immediate assistance by customer representative and after connecting your call, the representative will provide full guidance for filling and submitting the refund request form.

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