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How to Cancel Vietnam Airlines With Policy

There are many passengers all across the world that has been traveling via Vietnam Airlines. There are many among them who are not well versed with the cancellation policy of the airlines. So, we thought of educating such people with right set of instructions and guidelines by means of this tutorial. Firstly, we will try and understand the terms and conditions linked with Vietnam Airlines cancellation and then we will understand the process to get such task executed in one go. One can go smoothly and in case something is not being followed then move to the contact us section and choose a mode which suits the best to connect with the agents and get the cancellation done in an effective manner without any hassles.

Vietnam Airlines Cancellation Refund Policy

  • Passengers who opt to cancel their ticket within 24 hours of booking are liable to get 100% of the refund amount. The only exception which should be considered or kept in the mind is the ticket booked should be at least 7 days prior to the departure date of the airline. This can be stated as Vietnam airlines 24 hours cancellation policy.
  • Customers of Vietnam airlines have the flexibility to cancel their ticket either online through the official website or by a direct visit to the ticket counter or through third party agents. This however solely depends upon the mode through which passengers have booked their tickets.
  • Passengers can get refund only when the tickets that they have booked are refundable in nature. In case passengers have booked a non-refundable ticket then they are not liable to get any sort of refund even if they are willing to get their tickets cancelled. Passengers will need to check on the same at the time of booking their tickets.
  • Once the passengers have successfully cancelled their ticket then they can expect the refund amount within 7-10 working days. The amount would be refunded in the original mode of payment or through which the passengers have made the transaction. However, it totally depends upon the number of days banks take to complete the transaction.
  • Passengers who have booked their ticket through airport ticket counter or through any other third-party agents would be liable to connect with them in order to make the cancellation a successful one. For more information passengers can anytime connect with us and we would offer the guidance for the same.
  • In case passengers have made the cancellation after the risk-free period then a penalty of $100-$500 would be levied depending upon the class in which the passengers have booked their tickets and also the time frame in which the passengers have booked their tickets.
  • Cancellations would only be accepted in case passengers have booked their tickets at least 4 hours prior to departure of the flight. In case passengers have made the cancellation beyond that time frame then there would be no refund that the passengers would be getting even if they opt to cancel their tickets. But under special circumstances refund would be applicable. But for that passenger would need to consult the airline.
  • In case the airlines have cancelled their ticket due to some unobvious reason or have rescheduled the flight then passengers can claim 100% of the refund amount.
  • Passengers can change the date of travel within 24 hours of booking without having to pay anything extra. However, it totally depends upon the availability in which they are looking to travel. There can be a change fee that can be levied in case passengers are doing the same beyond the 24 hours’ time frame and within 4 hours prior departure of the flight.

How to cancel Vietnam airlines flight ticket?

Once the passengers have a thorough understanding of the cancellation and reimbursement policy of Vietnam airlines so the next thing which they would want to well versed with is the process to do the same. In case the policies are suiting you for cancellation and you have made up your mind that you are going to cancel your ticket then all you need to do is move down the tutorial and follow the steps as mentioned below in order to quickly and efficiently get the cancellation done. The below mentioned steps is only applicable for passengers who have booked the tickets through the official website. Passengers are advised to connect with their respective agent or ticket counter in case the booking has been made through that source.

Steps to quickly and efficiently cancel the Vietnam airlines flight ticket:

Step 1: Open the official website of Vietnam airlines and then quickly login to the same with the account credentials in case you have one and in case you don’t have then create one.

Step 2: Once done then there would be a list of tabs that would be available onto the screen or website in which passengers can click on manage my booking tab.

Step 3: From manage my booking tab passengers can simply click on bookings section in which all of the tickets that have been booked through Vietnam airlines would be shown.

Step 4: Once the same has been shown then passengers can click on the ticket which they want to cancel.

Step 5: Once the same has been opened then select one or all the passengers that you would like to cancel the ticket for and then press the cancel button.

Step 6: The amount that would be refunded would be shown onto the screen in which passengers can click on the confirm button to get the cancellation executed in an effective manner.

Step 7: The amount would now be refunded in the source through which the passengers have made the booking.

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