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Aeroflot Airlines is the best option for a person who wants to travel solo or with family. It is one of the oldest active Aircraft in the world whose headquarter is in Central Administrative Okrug, Moscow. The airline is famous for its low-cost carrier with 146 destinations in 52 countries. Here is the process to make a booking on the Aeroflot airlines. Like other airline companies, it also provides different travelling classes for the travel aspirants. So, we will discuss Aeroflot Airlines class today.

  • For booking with Aeroflot, one must need to open the browser and further open the Aeroflot websites.
  • Now on the next, the travel aspirants need to search for flights for the starting airport and the destination airport.
  • The site will provide a list of flights with the price. The traveller needs to select a flight with his/her desired time and price.
  • On the next step, one needs to put the details of the traveller and then make a payment.
  • After successful payment, the air authority will send a confirmation to the registered email of the traveller.

Comfort Class: In this section, the travel aspirants need to give extra fare more than economy class passengers. For this class traveller, the airlines provide extra facilities like comfortable reclining seats with footrests, travel pillows, blankets and amenity kits. The airlines also provide an online onboard facility to its traveller.

Business Class: The group provides a first-class facility to its business class travel aspirants while onboard. The Airlines provide delicious food and many more.

Economy Class: In this class, the travel aspirants get a basic fare for his/her journey. The passengers get blankets, pillows and basic amenities. Here comes if any of the travel aspirants wants to manage his/her booking in Aeroflot airlines no need to worry about it. The company provides the facility to its user to Aeroflot Airlines manage booking. 

Aeroflot Airlines manage booking

  • One can manage his/her booking with the airlines by going to the website of the company. The user needs to put the PNR and the last name of the traveller. 
  • The person who has a reservation with Aeroflot can manage their booking by calling the customer care executive of the airlines and get seek help about the reservation with the company.
  • One can manage his/her booking by sending an email to the airlines' official email address. The official will reply with a solution by which one can get rid of the problem.

Aeroflot Airlines cancellation policy

Have a booking with Aeroflot and Want to cancel your reservation? Need to know about the Aeroflot Airlines cancellation policy? Aeroflot Airlines provide full freedom to cancel the reservation. Here is the list of cancellation policies of the Airlines.

  • If anyone cancels his/her reservation within 24 hours of their booking they do not need to pay any cancellation amount. The 24 hours cancellation is work if one purchase his/her tickets at least one week before the scheduled departure.
  • After 24 hours of booking the cancellation of the reservation may charges as per the Airline's cancellation policy.

How to cancel Aeroflot Airlines flights?

  • Firstly, the traveller needs to visit the Aeroflot website.
  • Secondly, need to open the tap “manage Your Booking”
  • Enter the PNR with the surname. Then the schedule will open for cancellation.
  • On the next step, he/she needs to select the tap cancel.
  • On cancellation, the airline will send a confirmation mail to the traveller register email address.

Aeroflot Airlines refund policy

The one who has booked a ticket can cancel their booking by calling the Airlines cancellation number. The traveller needs to make a cancellation request. Here is the list of the Aeroflot Airlines refund policy that you need to know at the time of cancellation of his/her reservation.

  • If one purchases a ticket online then only the amount will refund via online mode if one purchase via loyalty points then the travel aspirants need to contact the customer service executives.
  • The company will process the refund within 10 working days from the date of cancellation of the reservation. In case of further delay need to contact the customer care desk.
  • If one purchases a non refunded ticket, the fare will not be refunded by the company.
  • Online tickets will refund any of the currency.

Aeroflot Airlines customer service

If any of the users have face problems or want to know the services like baggage policy, pet policy or any other services by the company. The travel aspirants can contact the customer care executive of the company. The travel aspirants can contact them by the company’s 24x7 customer service number. The person can directly call the number and talk with the company representative; if he/she has other issues the representative will transfer their call according to the concerned department. One can contact customer service via the email address of the company. One can write an email regarding the services he/she has trouble. The company executive will reply to the travel aspirant with help. The passengers who want to contact Aeroflot Airlines customer service can contact via the 24x7 customer care number of the company. One can directly call the number toll-free number and via IVR support the user can talk with the representative of the company from where the user can get rid of their issue.

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